Your Membership

Barrington Hills Polo Club offers full family membership. This means that spouses and all dependent children become automatically Club members and are able to participate in Club chukkers and tournaments under that same membership. The only additional requirement is that all active players in the family join the USPA.

Club membership & POLO SCHOOL Fees

There are several options available to members for paying their annual dues and tornament fees 

  • Make checks payable to Barrington Hills Polo Club and:

    • Mail check to 208A Braeburn Rd. Barrington Hills, IL 60010

    • Give your check in hand to Megan West, Joan Brugue, or John Rosene

  • Send your payment via Zelle QuickPay (or request that club send you such request). Many banks use this electronic platform, including Chase, Bank of America, and others.

  • Send your payment via Venmo (or request that club send you such request).

  • Send payment via PayPal, but make sure to send it as sending money to friends/family, and not a purchasing goods; otherwise there is a commission fee

  • Use your Credit Card via PayPal (note that there is a convinience fee involved with such transactions), or request to that an invoice be sent to you.

Club Membership Dues


USPA Membership

All Barrington Hills Polo Club members, except social members, are required hold current USPA membership.  Also, do not forget that supplemental medical insurance is available for an additional $50 through Equisure and is well worth the money for the coverage

Liability Waiver

All Barrington Hills Polo Club members, visiting players, and guests engaged in ridding activities need to have a liability waiver on file.  If you are not sure if you have one on file, please complete on again:

Timeliness Policy

Club hotline is (847) 485-5100)

  • For weekdays the cutoff time to call in your chukker is 3:30pm

  • For weekends only (Saturday, Sunday and holidays), players must call in their chukkers by 8pm the day before. This way chukker board will be prepared and sent via e-mail/text the night before (copies will be brought to field). The intent with this policy is to allow players for better planning of the polo day. Late/last minute callers will be accommodated, but they will likely be slotted in scattered chukkers and expected to change color

  • Timeliness is a sign of respect towards others and the responsibility of all club members. It is important for all club members to embrace timeliness even if not applicable to themselves. At the same time, all club members are encouraged to lend a hand to a fellow player running late to get ready.

  • Start first chukker on time (weekends):

    • All players running late and concerned about their ability to start on time are required to call in another member to convey such message. The intention is that the person notified will convey message so that chukker board can be reworked accordingly

    • Members running late must be conscious that accommodating for their tardiness may result on their chukkers being pushed to the end and/or the necessity of changing colors during chukkers

    • Club member(s) in charge of the board will tweak chukkers to account for late arrivals -- regardless if someone called in stating their tardiness or it is obvious they are not ready

    • Club members ready to go at start time, but not in the first chukker, should request to swap their later chukkers with members scheduled in the first chukker but running late or not ready -- this is not being mean or selfish as it ultimately benefits all members

  • Arena and grass chukkers will start when all but one player is on the field (running late on the sidelines). The incentive to be on-time is that one might miss a few minutes of play time if running late…. All members present on the field have the responsibility to abbey by this rule and resist the temptation wait for sake of having a better quality chukker -- the ones suffering such decision are the players off the field

  • Members calling in for just 1 or 2 chukkers will be scheduled on the first five chukkers (with exception of playing grooms)

Grass Field Use & Rules 

Unlike the arena, our grass field is a delicate resource that requires careful consideration and management for the enjoyment of all.  In general terms, the Club is authorized to use the grass facilities from Monday through Saturday, with Sunday being the only day of the week we cannot use it (that includes no chukkers, practice, and any other activity on Sundays).  Furthermore, our permit only allows us to play club chukkers three days a week.  Because of such restrictions imposed by our permit and because grass needs time to recover from all the wear and tear horses cause the added stress of short mowing, Club members are not allowed to use our grass facilities at their discretion and need to abbey by the following guidelines:

  • The two designated days for playing club grass chukkers on the main field are Saturdays and Tuesdays

    • In order to maximize the use of our grass field, we might provide alternate day changes based on weather forecast and field conditions -- i.e. a Tuesday when the field has not fully recovered from rain might be moved to Wednesday or Thursday to still allow use of main grass field two days per week

    • If the grass holds up well, we might include a third playing day on the main field as the season progresses

  • We also have at our disposal the use of an additional grass practice field – the smaller area west of the scoreboard. This field has undergone significant repairs and it is now marked, although it will take some time to bring it back to the same quality level of our main field. The practice grass field is relatively smaller, but it provides us with additional playing time in the grass and is very suitable to more novice players starting out in the grass. As with our main field, use of the practice grass field is also restricted in order satisfy our permit constrains and to preserve its condition:

    • The designated practice field day is Thursdays for 3 on 3 club chukkers (although it is subject to change based on weather and field conditions), and Fridays for an open Stick & Ball day. On Thursdays members will call in the hotline for chukkers (business as usual)

    • Fridays is an “open" day for the practice field and club members are allowed use of the practice grass field anytime between 8:00 am and sunset (the idea is to make grass time available for members to stick and ball at their own leisure, practice penalty shots, work green horses, take lessons, etc. Still, members still need to check the hotline to ensure the practice grass field is not closed due to weather and field conditions. It is important that we do not let Fridays evolve into a club chukkers day because that could put us in violation of our three day per week permit to conduct club chukkers. So, anyone using the practice field on Fridays needs to ensure that there is no appearance of violating our permit — so no whistles or time keeping sounds, avoid dressing whites and having matching jerseys, etc.

    • Note that the regular grass field is off limits on those days we are schedule to play in the practice field. That means no stick & ball or warming-up your horses on the main field – just use the sidelines to access the practice field. This also works on reverse – no use of the practice field for stick & ball and warm-up on those days we are designated to play only on the main field

  • Grass field access & parking:

    • We have added a combination lock to the grass field gate and the combination is 8-6-4-2. When not in use, the grass field must be locked at all times to prevent unauthorized use and damage we have incurred in the past. So, please lock the gate if you are the last person out and/or you just happen to stop by and see it unlocked

    • The Club is only authorized to use ONLY the east gate on Deepwood Rd., absolutely no use of the west gate to access practice grass field directly (per our permit this gate can only be used during the Kalaway)

    • Vehicles and trailers are only authorized on the designated parking area by the east/main entrance where the horse watering station is located – no rigs on the sidelines of the grass field. The same parking area must be used when we play/use the practice field. Since our membership has grown, we will evaluate if additional parking arrangements need to be made

    • Both, the main and practice fields plus surrounding areas have been treated with a strong herbicide that is not safe for horses. So, letting your horses grace in the grass is not recommended unless it happens in the rig parking area adjacent to the barn; this part has not been treated)

    • All Club members are responsible for preserving our facilities and encouraged to help implement the above guidelines

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