...the Barrington Hills Polo Club is one of the few clubs in the world to offer both grass and arena polo year round and it is the only club in the Chicagoland area to offer a nationally-recognized polo school taught by USPA-rated players. 

The Barrington Hills Polo Club is dedicated to the idea of polo as a game shared among people who love horses, good times and each other's company.  Membership in the Barrington Hills Polo Club is open to everyone, regardless of skill level -- from "I've never played a game in my life" to professional.  Barrington Hills Polo Club is a registered non-profit organization where all club members volunteer to the club's administration, keeping costs down and allowing for one of the best deals in the polo world.

For membership inquiries or questions about the club, please contact John Rosene at (847) 854-1415 or e-mail barringtonhillspolo@gmail.com.


Here, players of all skill levels -- from beginner to professional -- can enjoy friendly, high quality polo in a lighthearted, relaxed atmosphere, 12 months a year.


The only polo club in Chicagoland to offer a nationally-recognized school, a club that includes a state-of-the-art grass polo facility, a regulation outdoor arena and venues for practice or winter play.



...and working to develop the next generation of polo players!